untitled head piece

Untitled (Head Piece) 無題(頭)

CRT TV, Swinging Device, DVCRT 電視, 搖晃裝置, 錄像
43cm(h) x 36cm(w) x 32cm(d)

The living head connected to a body which is invisible but indivisible, with the video record and swinging device, performing a movement that between wake or sleep. Unlike Brancusi’s Sleeping Muse which creates the ideal form of a head, the imperfect form of a human body is the only and the most suitable form of our existence. With it placing in an artificial container reveals the way of our contemporary existence.  

存活著的面孔,在靜靜呼氣,不可見的身體卻是那樣的不可分割。透過晃動裝置,呈現著一個如欲醒覺的狀態。相對於布朗庫西作品 — 沉睡的繆思,這裡沒有完美的形態,卻是最恰當的肉身在蠢蠢欲動。